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The Center for Native Grasslands Management


The Center for Native Grasslands Management (CNGM) was opened in 2006 by the University of Tennessee to provide the scientific background needed by producers and land managers to enable them to effectively establish and manage native grasslands. High priorities for research include forage production; biofuels production (and strategies for integrating them both); restoration of native grassland communities, particularly oak savannahs and woodlands; and wildlife conservation.

No information is valuable unless it is shared. The Centerís second major focus is to make information gained through research widely available throughout the eastern United States. We are working through Extension and partner organizations to share these results with producers, land management agencies, other researchers, and wildlife conservation organizations through publications, workshops, trainings, and field days. Please explore this website and feel free to contact us should you want to learn more.


Dr. Pat Keyser is featured on EurekaAlert! for a study
to examine the relationship between grasslands
and soil biodiversity. See the news release here.

The Shortleaf Pine Initiative is proud to announce the
longawaited release of the Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan,
a comprehensive approach to the declining number of
shortleaf pine-dominant forests.

View the Plan flyer here to get information on the Southern
Group of State Forester’s Annual Meeting where the plan
will be released.

CNGM has been highlighted as a top UT community-campus partnership as part of the university's successful Carnegie Community Engagement Classification application process. Click HERE for more information!