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Title: Use of in-growth soil cores in mesh bags for studies of relations between soil compaction and root growth
Year: 1987
Author(s): Steen, E., Håkansson, I.
Source Title: Soil and Tillage Research
Source Type: Journal
pages: 363-371
Original Publication: http://  
Abstract: Using in-growth soil cores in cylindrical mesh bags, the effects of 3 soil compaction treatments on growth of crop roots were studied in a sandy soil. The bags were inserted after crop emergence in holes (70 mm diameter; 60 cm depth) augered in the soil in crop row interspaces. In 1984 (with rapeseed), at all sampling dates, root biomass in the inserted cores decreased with increased compaction of the plough layer (0-25 cm) as well as the subsoil (25-60 cm). Root biomass in the subsoil was low. In 1985 (with wheat), the effects of compaction in the subsoil were similar, although root biomass was greater than in 1984. However, in the plough layer there were significant differences in root biomass on only one sampling date. The mesh bag technique should be a useful complement to other field methods in studies of relations between physical soil characteristics or tillage treatments and root growth.