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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Grassland bird breeding use of managed grasslands on national wildlife refuges within Region five of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Year: 2002
Author(s): Runge, M., Mitchell, L.
Source Title: Proceedings of the Third Eastern Native Grass Symposium
Source Type: Proceedings
pages: 303
Original Publication:  
Abstract: We are assessing the geographic relationships between different grassland management techniques used on thirteen National Wildlife Refuges in the northeastern United States, the vegetation structure and composition, and grassland bird use of managed areas during the breeding season. Specifically, the study is looking at three treatments: native warm season grass fields managed through burning, non-native cool-season grass fields managed through burning, and CSG fields managed through mowing. The management needs of this group of declining bird species in the Northeast US include 1) determining how the choice of dominant grass species (WSG vs CSG) and the management technique (mow or burn) affect vegetation structure and density, 2) how the vegetation structure and density affects grassland bird use, and 3) establishing data about species distribution and habitat use to support decisions about regional priorities for management. The results of this study will be used by the USFWS Northeast Region to establish regional grassland breeding bird management objectives and strategies.
Publisher: The North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, NC, October 1-3, 2002. Omnipress, Madison, WI
Editor(s): J. Randall