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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Native warm-season perennial grasses: The unrealized potential as a forage crop
Year: 2000
Author(s): Taylor, R. W.
Source Title: Proceedings of the 2nd Eastern Native Grass Symposium
Source Type: Proceedings
pages: 58-89
Original Publication:  
Abstract: During discussions with the symposium organizers, it became clear that the species of most interest were the native warm season grasses. The species of particular interest were switchgrass, big bluestem, little bluestem, indiangrass, and eastern gamagrass. A look at the distribution of each of these species, shows that at the time of European settlement of America, NWSG covered much of the eastern United States and would have been available to the European settlers. Another species native to the United States was reed canarygrass. It is a cool season grass and is quite productive and could have been competitive against introduced cool season grasses.
Publisher: Agricultural Research Service and Natural Resource Conservation Service, Beltsville, MD
Editor(s): J. R. Ritchie