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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Basics of grassland management
Year: 1986
Author(s): Hoveland, C. S.
Source Title: Proceedings of the Four State Grassland Management Workshop: Warm Season Grasses: Facts and Fantasty
Source Type: Proceedings
pages: 1-10
Original Publication:  
Abstract: Grasslands produce a product which has little or no value in itself. Plant material in grasslands require the action of bacteria to transform them into usable products for human consumption. By virtue of their ability to digest plant material of high cellulose content, the ruminant species- cattle, sheep, and goats- are at present the only effective means of converting pasture and shrub herbage into edible fat and protein or fiber. Transforming the grassland plant product into animal product is a relatively inefficient process, something like 10 to 20% efficiency. Even so, this is a desireable process since high cellulose feeds, useless for human consumption, are converted into usable high protein food. Also, nearly 2/3 of the world’s land masses are grasslands on which grain production is very low or impossible.
Editor(s): B. Anderson