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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Grazing research in the humid East: a historical perspective
Year: 2006
Author(s): Burns, J. C.
Source Title: Crop Science
Source Type: Journal
pages: 118-130
Original Publication: http://  
Abstract: A historical perspective of the major developments in grazing research for the humid Eastern USA was addressed. Consideration was given to the emergence of the area of grazing research relative to the initial structure of agricultural institutions, the orientation of scientist within the constraints of the institutional boundaries (departments) and the carry-through noted today. Early grazing research was constrained to the informal literature and discussed as informational, demonstrational, and experimental. The milestones that have been achieved, including statistical application, conceptual assessment, description of grazing management, methods of computing pasture yields, the origin and use of put-and-take stocking, pasture and animal biomass relationships, choice of stocking method, flexible grazing, and measurements in recent grazing research are presented and discussed relative to their origin and application. Furthermore, consideration was given to a number of important innovations with origin in the humid East that have contributed to the advancement of grazing research. Finally, brief consideration is given to future priority areas of grazing research and associated constraints.