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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: USDA-NRCS Plant Materials Programís Contribution to Native Grass Technology
Year: 2005
Author(s): Escheman, R. T.
Source Title: Proceedings of the Four State Grassland Management Workshop: Warm Season Grasses: Facts and Fantasty
Source Type: Proceedings
pages: 72-75
Original Publication:  
Abstract: USDA-NRCS Plant Materials Program has a long history of providing native grasses to support conservation needs. From forage production to dune and marsh revegetation to mine reclamation, NRCS has provided the technology to support these programs. This paper will review the accomplishments and benefits of the plant materials within the Eastern Region.
Publisher: The University of Kentucky Department of Forestry, Lexington, Kentucky
Editor(s): T. G. Barnes