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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: 25 Years of Wild Ones
Year: 2005
Author(s): VanBuecken, D. J.
Source Title: Proceedings of the 4th Eastern Native Grass Symposium
Source Type: Proceedings
pages: 127
Original Publication:  
Abstract: Having successfully initiated a ban on DDT throughout the United States, Lorrie Otto and her followers set about to heal the Earth through the people they met through their workshops and speaking engagements. As a result of one of these workshops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, nine people came together to form an informal native garden club which became the Wild Ones. Formerly organized as Wild Ones Natural Landscapers in July 1979 with nine members, it grew to 65 in 1983, and from there to the present 3,000 member households with 42 chapters. Along the way, Wild Ones has successfully achieved many accomplishments and is honored to be able to consider Otto as an honorary director.
Publisher: The University of Kentucky Department of Forestry, Lexington, Kentucky
Editor(s): T. G. Barnes