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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: How do elevated CO2 , warming, and reduced precipitation interact to affect soil moisture and LAI in an old field ecosystem?
Year: 2007
Author(s): Dermody, O., Weltzin, J. F., Engel, E. C., Allen, P., Norby, R. J.
Source Title: Plant and Soil
Source Type: Journal
pages: 255-266
Original Publication: http://  
Abstract: Soil moisture content and leaf area index (LAI) are properties that will be particularly important in mediating whole system responses to the combined effects of elevated atmospheric [CO2], warming and altered precipitation. Warming and drying will likely reduce soil moisture, and this effect may be exacerbated when these factors are combined. However, elevated [CO2] may increase soil moisture contents and when combined with warming and drying may partially compensate for their effects. The response of LAI to elevated [CO2] and warming will be closely tied to soil moisture status and may mitigate or exacerbate the effects of global change on soil moisture. Using open-top chambers (4-m diameter), the interactive effects of elevated [CO2], warming, and differential irrigation on soil moisture availability were examined in the OCCAM (Old-Field Community Climate and Atmospheric Manipulation) experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee. Warming consistently reduced soil moisture contents and this effect was exacerbated by reduced irrigation. However, elevated [CO2] mitigated the effects of warming and drying on soil moisture. LAI was determined using an AccuPAR ceptometer and both the leaf area duration (LAD) and canopy size were increased by irrigation and elevated [CO2]. Changes in LAI were closely linked to soil moisture status. The climate of the southeastern United States is predicted to be warmer and drier in the future, and this research suggests that although elevated [CO2] will ameliorate the effects of warming and drying, losses of soil moisture will cause declines in the LAI of old field ecosystems in the future.