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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Fire and disking effects on herbaceous food plants and seed supplies
Year: 1979
Author(s): Buckner, J.L., Landers, J.L.
Source Title: Journal of Wildlife Management
Source Type: Journal
pages: 807-811
Original Publication: http://  
Abstract: Because all annuals and most perennials were favored by disking, it is evident that various intensities and time cycles of disking can improve seed production and diversity in this fire-adapted plant community. Seeds found on disked and annually burned sites were readily available to granivores, and many germinated and developed into plants that replenished seed supplies. Seedlings on double-disked sites developed with relatively little competition because bracken fern and wiregrass had been eliminated, and seed production was greatly increased (34%) over that in annually burned woods. Evaluation of feeding habitat of granivores should not be limited to enumeration of important plant species. Seed sampling should be included because conditions that allow peak plant growth for some species are not necessarily best for subsequent seed production.