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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Understanding and managing costs in beef cow-calf pairs
Year: 1999
Author(s): Lawrence, J. D., Strohbehn, D. R.
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Source Type: Proceedings
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Abstract: The beef industry continues to change is response to changing consumer demands and increasing competition from other protein sources. However, the foundation of a viable beef industry is effective resource management by cattle producers. Unlike most other agricultural enterprises, beef cow owners must manage their herds to make the most profit from the available resources while ensuring the long-term productivity of the those same resources. A key to long-term profitability in the cattle business is to understand and manage production cost. This paper will examine some of the largest cost factors that managers face and discuss ways to evaluate these costs to make better decisions when managing available resources.
Publisher: White paper prepared for the Integrated Resource Management Committee, National Cattlemen’s Be