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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Switchgrass and big bluestem for grazing and hay
Year: 1994
Author(s): Mitchell, R. B., Anderson, B., Moser, L. E., Waller, S. S.
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Abstract: Switchgrass and big bluestem are native warm-season grasses that can provide abundant, high-quality forage during summer. Switchgrass and big bluestem produce 70 to 80 percent of their growth after June 1 in Nebraska, while more than 75 percent of cool-season grass growth, such as bromegrass and bluegrass, occurs before June 1. Therefore, switchgrass and big bluestem can provide forage to graze after cool-season pastures have been utilized. However, switchgrass and big bluestem must be managed differently than cool-season grasses. Poor management will cause productivity and stand persistence to decline, and forage quality will be poor. Proper grazing management and cultural practices will optimize production, maintain a healthy plant community, and provide adequate forage quality.
Publisher: University of Nebraska Extension Publication G94-1198-A