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Title: Effect of prairie burning on insect populations
Year: 1970
Author(s): Cancelado, R., Yonke, T.R.
Source Title: Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society
Source Type: Journal
pages: 274-281
Original Publication: http://  
Abstract: The effect of spring burning of the prairie on populations of some Hemiptera and Homoptera was studied. Three Malaise insect traps and 12 biweekly sweeping samples were used to investigate differences in populations between burned and unburned areas. Statistically significant differences between the trap collections were found for Homoptera and Hemiptera in general and for the families Cicadellidae and Lygaeidae, with the greatest number of insects in each group coming from the burned area. However, even though 55.6% of the Fulgoroidea and 52% of the Miridae were collected in the trap on the burned area, no significant differences were detected. The sweeping samples taken on the burned area produced nearly as many Miridae as the other ten areas combined.