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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Title: Home range and habitat use of coyotes in an area of native prairie, farmland and CRP fields
Year: 2005
Author(s): Kamler, J. F., Ballard, W. B., Lemons, P. R., Gilliland, R. L., Mote, K.
Source Title: American Midland Naturalist
Source Type: Journal
pages: 396-404
Original Publication: http://  
Abstract: From 1999 to 2001 we monitored 12 coyotes (Canis latrans) in northwestern Texas to determine their home ranges and habitat use in a landscape interspersed with native prairie, farmland and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) fields. Annual home range size was 10.1 km2 for residents and 84.5 km2 for transients. We determined habitat use at two spatial scales: within home ranges and within study area. Habitat use patterns were similar at both scales, as residents selected tor native prairie and transients selected for CRP fields. Habitat use between residents and transients differed in both seasons, with residents selecting more native prairie, less farmland and less CRP (summer only) than transients. Habitat at natal den sites also differed from expected for residents, as most dens (8 of 10) were located in CRP fields. The CRP fields contained the only tall permanent vegetation on our study sites and appeared to provide important foraging habitat for transient coyotes, and denning habitat for resident coyotes.