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Title: Protein requirements of bobwhite quail chicks for survival, growth, and efficiency of feed utilization
Year: 1942
Author(s): Nestler, R. B., Bailey, W. W., McClure, H. E.
Source Title: Journal of Wildlife Management
Source Type: Journal
pages: 185-193
Original Publication: http://  
Abstract: From the three standpoints of survival, rate of growth, and efficiency of feed utilization for the first ten weeks of life, the 28 per cent level of protein gave the best results. During the ninth and tenth weeks, the highest efficiency of feed utilization was obtained on the 22 per cent level. The results indicate that after the birds have reached about two thirds of their mature weight, the difference in efficiency between a diet containing 28 per cent of protein and one containing 22 per cent may be small enough to justify, in the interest of economy, the use of a diet containing the lower percentage of protein.