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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

About the Center


Cooperating Scientists

A number of scientists from varying disciplines are engaged in the work of the Center.  As the Center is developed, additional partnerships will be formed with other collaborators from various organizations and areas of expertise.

Fred L. Allen, Plant Sciences and Director, Variety Trials
Dr. Allen is engaged in a number of agronomic research projects dealing with native grass management. Dr. Allen’s research with the CNGM is particularly focused on intercropping legumes in biofuel systems.

Amanda J. Ashworth, Research Associate II
Ms. Ashworth researches the agronomic components of native grasses for biofuel feedstock production, as well as supports all aspects of the Center's research. (More about Amanda Ashworth)

Gary E. Bates, Professor and Forage Extension Specialist
Dr. Bates is active in both research and Extension as it relates to the use of native grasses in forage systems and their integration into biofuel feedstock production systems. (More about Gary Bates)

David S. Buckley, Associate Professor of Forestry
Dr. Buckley works with oak ecosystems and fire ecology and is a valuable partner in examining the restoration of oak savannahs and woodlands and the associated processes. (More about David Buckley)

David A. Buehler, Professor of Wildlife Science
Dr. Buehler is an internationally recognized avian ecologist and has an active research program dealing with monitoring and modeling avian population dynamics in native grasslands. (More about David Buehler)

Craig A. Harper, Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist
Dr. Harper supports the Center’s research in the areas of applied habitat management and fire ecology, and on development of wildlife Extension programs.
(Dr. Harper's Webpage)

Patrick D. Keyser, Professor and Director, Center for Native Grassland Management
Dr. Keyser provides overall leadership for the Center's efforts in both research and Extension. (More about Patrick Keyser)

John Morgan, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Mr. Morgan supports the patch burn grazing project and aids in the investigation of subsequent impacts of fire on wildlife.

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