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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Native Grass College

Native Grass Establishment 101

This first video will take you through five steps to successfuly planning and establishing native grasses. Click the play button to watch the entire video (33:31), or watch individual clips by clicking a link below.

  1. Selecting a Site to Plant Native Grasses: What to Look For (3:30)
  2. Advanced Weed Control (2:50)
  3. Conventional Seedbeds (0:40)
  4. Which Species of Native Grasses Should I Plant? (0:26)
  5. Timing & Seeding Rates (0:40)
  6. Understanding “Pure Live Seed” and How to Calculate It (3:54)

  1. The Planting Process: Thatch, Seeding Depth, Drilling vs. Sowing, Seed-soil Contact, Equipment (4:47)
  2. Other Issues: Herbicide Application at Planting, Fertilizers, and Seed Dormancy) (2:32)

Post Planting
  1. Seedling Development: Germination Rate, Tillering— Implications for Drought Resiliency, Winter Survival, and Herbicide Tolerance (4:04)
  2. Weed Control After Planting— the Seedling Year: Thresholds for Control, Clipping, Herbicide Options, Grazing (3:37)
  3. Seedling Density: How Much is Enough? (2:25)

Conclusion (2:14)

Other Resources
  1. Seed Vendors List (updated June 2018)

  2. Establishing Native Warm-season Grasses for Livestock Forage in the Mid-South
  3. Species to use
  4. Native Warm-season Grass Species and Cultivars (courtesy, Progressive Forage Grower)
  5. How much do I need?
  6. Site selection
  7. Conventional seedbeds
  8. Dormant-season seeding
  9. Establishment
  10. Establishing Native Grass Forages (courtesy, Progressive Forage Grower)
  11. Advanced competition control
  12. Natural reseeding
  13. Cost share
  14. Native Grass Establishment: Site Selection and Advanced Weed Control
  15. Overview--Why natives, why not natives, establishment changes
  16. Native Warm-season Grasses: Basic Establishment Principles
  17. Native Grass Forage Workshop: Establishment

Have questions about the videos you watched? Email Dr. Keyser for more information.