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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Projects: Eastern Military Grasslands

Potential of Eastern Military Bases for Conservation of Grassland Birds

Building Partnerships for Regional Grassland Bird Conservation in the Southeastern US
Department of Defense Legacy Resources Project 05-105

Native grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the eastern United States.  The grassland bird species that are supported by these grasslands are also in dire need of conservation attention because of declining populations.  Military installations provide important grassland habitat that serves a vital function for military training.  As a result, eastern military installations have the opportunity to provide a critical role in conservation of grasslands and grassland bird communities. 

Project Goals

  • Document the potential of eastern military bases for grassland bird conservation
  • Document the status of grassland birds on one focal military installation (Fort Campbell)
  • Foster the development of regional partnerships for grassland bird conservation

Locations of Top Military Installations in the Eastern United States for Grassland Bird Conservation (Interactive Map)
Rankings for Military Installations Based on Grassland Potential
Other Maps (non-interactive)
Priority Grassland Bird Species